Monday, March 31, 2008


Look at this -
O Heaven! That such resemblance of the Highest
Should yet remain, where faith and realty
Remain not; wherefore should not strength and might
There fail where virtue fails, or weakest prove
Where boldest, though to sight unconquerable?
His puissance, trusting to th' Almighty's aid
I mean to try, whose reason I have tried
Unsound and false; nor is it aught but just
That he who in debate of truth hath won
Should win in arms, in both disputes alike
Victor; though brutish that cont├ęst and foul,
When reason hath to deal with force, yet so
Most reason is that reason overcome.
There's to be a staging of Milton's words in early July (not all of them. That would be mad.) and I auditioned yesterday. I said, of course, that I would just be pleased to be asked at all, but that's a LIE - I want Abdiel. I really really want Abdiel.

(Abdiel is the angel who initially was swayed by Lucifer's 'Non serviam', but thought better of it. That's the angel opposing Satan, who with his legions is assaulting the throne of Heaven. I may have to post some more of this later - it's FANTASTIC.)


Dave said...

You posted that just in time for me to believe it is not an April Fool.

Valerie said...

Ooh.. good luck!

FirstNations said...

God love you. Milton always defeats me. If you can pull that off you deserve whatever part you want!
*lies down with a cold washrag on forehead*

Barry Lawrence said...

Milton rhymes with stilton because he stinks. His sterlising fluid is not bad, though.

I, Like The View said...

do you have to learn the lines, or will you be able to read from a sheet of words?