Sunday, July 15, 2007

Mid-life crisis? What mid-life crisis?

A test drive! That's where he said he was going! And did I want to come too! As 'appens I was busy, and came home to find THIS on my doorstep.

'I didn't think you'd mind' he said. 'It's an Audi.'

How well he knows me.


Valerie said...

Oh dear. But it's gorgeous.
Melike fast zoomy things.
And the color!

Dave said...

I always introduce people to my sports car with the words 'it's my mid-life crisis'.

Mangonel said...

Valerie, 'It's a beautiful blue, but it hasn't a hood'! I have always considered a car to be a handbag with a wheel in each corner, so colour is actually crucial.

Dave - one occasion where a smaller 'mid-life crisis' is actually to be boasted about?

Zig said...

WOW! you lucky duck!

FirstNations said...

oooooo, sexaay!
i wish my husband would haul home things like that.
-as long as the bill went to someone else, that is!

Anonymous said...

ah - but it's an audi - so it's really quite sensible.
men have much better mid-life crises than we do. they get sports cars and young women - we get moustaches and dodgy pelvic floors.

Mangonel said...

Zig - this duck thing isn't going to leave me alone any time soon, is it?

FN - I have no idea. I haven't driven it, because I am terrified of breaking it.

RG - and very thin avatars.

I, Like The View said...


(when my CH left, he traded in the family estate for a silver car that looks very much like your blue one. . . I get to drive the little two to school in it everyday - darn shame it's been raining so much recently!)