Thursday, October 12, 2006

Barclays b*ll*cks

I taped an hour and a half of ITV on Monday just to be sure of catching the new Barclays ad - oh sad me. And even sadder me to be so disappointed by it. If these schmoes are supposed to be their GW characters someone needs suing. The JRT one just about does it, until he gets to the bit about interest levels dropping (in SO-OO-O many more ways than one!) when I just wanted to cry, and SM just cannot do stupid. Arrogant, opinionated, self-obsessed yes, but stupid, no. And all to impress a girl? When girls are there to impress him? I don't blame the actors one bit, but the scriptwriters have blown it badly. And what the hell is wrong with Kent? What did I miss?

I'm off for a game of Scrabble, courtesy of a recommendation by BiB. I haven't got anything remotely as urgent to do!

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