Saturday, February 16, 2008

And the series of crushing defeats rolls on . . .

I spent THREE HOURS a coupla days ago getting The Tango Project from vinyl to digital. I couldn't adjust the sound levels, I'd forgotten how short some of the tracks are, indeed how abruptly some of them end, leaving me nano-seconds to stop what I was doing to press the 'Next Track' button, missing it and having to start the session over again, SEVERAL TIMES

Sorry. More shouting. No swearing, though.

Just imagine my delight when I found an ad for a Teac GF-350. Insert a CD, set the record to playing up top, and voila! A CD with your record on it, all nicely broken up into tracks because the software recognizes track breaks. And only twice the price of the USB turntable we bought two weeks ago.

I was kinda relieved to find a lovely man in some US of A publication, who tells me it ain't necessarily so.

*sigh* this is turning into a techblog, and I don't appear to be able to do a thing about it. A techblog with the added additional extra of me not knowing what the hell I am talking about.

And The Tango Project? Having spent years deliberately not buying CD duplicates of my vinyl, because we were going to get a turntable ANY DAY NOW, I remembered earlier tonight that that was one of the EXTREMELY FEW I'd cracked and bought because I couldn't bear to be without that music one more minute.


I, Like The View said...

I came over here in search of the boogie and now I'm doing the tango (actually, now I'm thinking of that silly series of advert with men in baths of fizzy drinks)(hey - have you heard the really cool song that is used as the theme tune to the an ad for Ford Transit vans?)

I, Like The View said...

(and don't you know how old you are when you're watching TV with your small peeps and an advert comes on for the 25th anniversary edition of Thriller and you can remember buying the vinyl. . .)(well, I do - coming up for 44)(YIKES)

Dave said...

Having a little time on my hands, I thought I really ought to set up the usb-connected turntable I bought 18 months ago, which got packed away when my house was flooded the next week.

I find the stylus head and the counterweight are missing. Whether they were never there, or lost in the flood, I do not know.

Your experience is acting as a disincentive to find spares.

Mangonel said...

Ah - the tango! How could I forget why I needed the music! I feel another post coming on . . .

Dave, the best price I could find for someone else to do it was £10 an album. Ten. Pounds. Go git them thar spares, bwoay.