Monday, August 20, 2007

Blog? What blog??

. . . ah yes - this one.

What's to say? It rained, the sun shone, it rained again. SO got a job - did I mention that? Actually I did, elsewhere on the interweb-thingy, saying, approximately, that he had a new, exciting, slightly-over-his-head (but-in-a-good-way) senior senior job with (insert company name here) (AND THEN TURN IT INTO A LINK).

Oh No! I had completely forgotten the sort of software (see? I know it exists but I have NO idea of what it's called) that trawls the web looking for mentions of your website. One way of looking at it is that his new employers know I just called my Significant Other incompetent in front of the whole world.

OR, and this is the interpretation I myself prefer, the company is actually so huge that they probably don't run this software anyway.

Thank goodness my infinitely competent sister went vociferously for option b). SO much prefers to believe anything when I'm not the one saying it.

Also, well, I guess there were the Perseids - SO and I lying on the trampoline at eleven o'clock at night, not nearly well wrapped up enough, staring into the light-polluted sky and marvelling at the unparalleled beauty of the aeroplane lights - a major benefit of living so close to a flight path. Our viewing was totally undistracted by random shooting stars, thank goodness. They get so in the way of a decent bout of plane-spotting, dontcha find?


Zig said...

you could lie on the ground to watch stars and planes has no-one told you the fun you can have on a trampoline if you move?

Valerie said...

Oh my... hee hee. I'll support option B, since I'm in trouble myself if it's option A.

We get much the same view of the Perseids here, because we are too arse-lazy to drive out to the desert, just an hour away, for a proper look. Oh well, you got to lie around on a trampoline with your SO, which is something to write home about, at least.

Now I want a trampoline.

Dave said...

Well, at least you're not dead.

FirstNations said...

and now, see, i live out in the boondocks. meteors are kind of a yawn. a bunch = a bunch of yawns.
*considers purchasing a trampoline*

I, Like The View said...

I saw The P's in Cornwall - but not The Green Flash. . .


I, Like The View said...


Anonymous said...

so did you see some perseids? i seem to have struck out for years now. last time i really saw loads was at dartington, when i was a student - yes, really that long ago! it's so far from any artificial lights that it's just about ideal