Friday, December 22, 2006

Jude Law? Really?

I just don't get it. I don't deny that the man has some acting talent, but good-looking? Surely not. His eyes are too small, as is his mouth, his face is flat, and square, and his hair is a cartoon. None of which matters in the slightest, except that he keeps being cast as someone really handsome, and that, to my way of thinking, contravenes the Trades Descriptions Act. I have never seen him in a movie where being handsome wasn't part of the deal, but put him in a movie where he also gets to be slightly creepy and he does actually score. Think Talented Mr Ripley, and Gattaca.

So, last night's movie outing was The Holiday. Well, I hadn't expected it to be quite such a chick-flick. Also unexpectedly badly-written. Winslet and Diaz faxed in their performances, and Jude Law and Jack Black as the love interests? Puh-lease. Rufus Sewell was, as ever, cracking, and Eli Wallach was a treat. But honestly? You can wait until it gets shown on telly, and then you must really not have anything better to do.

(I also don't get Brad Pitt.)


Wyndham said...

I'm so with you on Law. Gattaca and Ripley are great films but he's no movie-star. And losing his hair.

I can be bitter about other people too, if you want.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on Rufus, the only man who was ever sexy in a periwig.
Jude and Brad I can take or leave.

Anonymous said...

I'd never seen Rufus Sewell before. Yes, he is handsome in a proper, interesting way. Of course I don't find Jude and Brad physically repellent, but they are fashionably handsome. In certain periods of history, Herr Law might have been left out on a mountan to starve.

Mangonel said...

W. - Hmm - hair or lack of it has never bothered me. And why bitter? At least on the Mango-scale you are much lovelier than he is.

Ah Rufe. Why wasn't he on the list I gave BiB? Did you see him in that updated BBC Shrew with Shirley Henderson? Her character (sadly, because I greatly admire her work) was desperately parodic, but his 'Petruchio' was le derniere cri in flamboyance. He was FANTASTIC. The outfit his wore to the wedding! You have to see it just for that.

BiB, but he would only be taken in by shepherds and grow into an insanely handsome young man and chance on some old bloke in a chariot who he kills and then bonks the dead guy's wife and oh dear they turn out to be his Da and Ma. Y'know, it all sounds so plausible except for the 'insanely handsome' bit.

Corey said...

Brad Pitt? Really? Did you not see Fight Club? Look at those abs! You could grate cheese on them!

Mangonel said...

Mr Redekop sir! Next time I wish to grate some cheese, the first person I call will be Mr Pitt's agent. But there his usefulness ends. Really.